Awesome CBD Testimonials

"I've suffered from chronic depression most of my life. CBD Oil knocks it away, I feel happy and calm, and no more Prozac!”
AP - CW EVD OO and Elixinol Natural Drops


"After years of opiate use, my husband now only uses CBD to control his pain! It's incredible!" SS - CW EVD MCT and Capsules

Pain Management

"The CW Hemp oil drops that I got from you make me sleep like a baby!"   
LE - CW Everyday + Mint Chocolate Drops


"With a history of dementia in my family I am thankful for a natural neuro-protectant and anti-oxidant that helps support brain health." JS - Elixinol Cinnamint


"My dog is 90% better while taking CBD Chews for dogs. It makes a HUGE difference in his life. I am so thankful for these supplements!"
TP - Pet Relief CBD Chews by Elixino

Pet Supplements

" I find that if I take a dose in the morning I am much more relaxed and less stressed throughout the day. If I need it, I take another dose when anxiety sneaks up...especially in small spaces!"
KS - Elixinol Cinnamint


"...middle finger on right hand has been arthritic for about 5 years,...This past week it has come back, but very painful, and has been constant day and night.  I had some CBD oil left from what you gave me, and out of desperation, I rubbed some on the painful joints, and in less than 5 min the pain was mostly gone, I couldn't believe how well it worked." 
DM - CW Everyday Mint Chocolate Drops


"We were so excited to find you and the pet CBD. We are giving it to our 14-16 year old beagle "FRED". We have seen such an improvement in his energy and attitude since he started taking the treats. A long-time friend stopped by and could not believe the difference in FRED. She said he is acting like a pup! Would highly recommend this product for dogs of all ages." 
LS -CW Everyday Olive Oil Drops

Pet Supplement

"Following a mild concussion I had headaches, dizziness, and just didn't feel right. Within a day of using CBD Oil (and CranioSacral Therapy) the dizziness and headaches decreased and I feel connected with my body again." 
RM - CW Everyday Plus CMT

Post Concussion

"As a house painter I climb ladders all day, everyday. My knees hurt all the time. After a couple days of CBD Oil the pain was gone! I quit taking it for 5 days to test it... the pain came back. When I took CBD again the pain was gone! I'm sold." AP - CW Everyday Olive Oil Drops


"The past few days I have not wanted to smoke - just the reactive habit of lighting up but then finding it quite unpleasant." DH - CW Everyday Olive Oil


"I am feeling much more relaxed and less anxious, despite the challenges of life." JA - CW Everyday Olive Oil